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    Default How much engine oil does this car actually need? 6.3L or 6L?

    Kind of an odd question, but bare with me.

    The Service book for my Insignia VXR (MY2016) asks for 6.3L of oil. So that's what the service center been putting in.

    The car was serviced by a GM dealer 2 weeks ago

    When I check the dipstick while the car is almost cold, it's showing the oil level been almost an inch higher than the tallest point of the markers on the dipstick. this is not the first time.

    So it got me wondering. So I went and did some research....

    The book says 6.3L (for 2016) but when I check the dipstick after a service with 6.3L it's wayy over the top of the zone (while car is almost cold)

    Checking the oil guides for the VXR came up with interesting results:

    Non-VXR 2.8 Insignia: 6L
    2009 - 2011 Insignia VXR (A28NER): 6L
    2011 - 2015 Insignia VXR (A28NER): 6L
    2015 - 2016 Insignia VXR (B28NER?!?!?!?): 6.3L


    What the hell is a B28NER? And why does it take 300ml more oil?

    I checked Insignia Parts catalogue, the oil pan part number is the same for all Insignia VXR's. so I cant figure out where this extra 300ml is coming from?
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    My 2015 plate takes 6.2l of oil on an oil change if it helps

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    My old service statements say 6.3 - perhaps the guy filled the filter and then proceeded to add 6.3 to the engine...
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