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    Default retrofitting heated seats

    hoping you can help me Iv had a look at guide online and I have REC and terminals for relay and fuses but don't have under seat and switch wiring . If I understand right there are three pins on the chair connector block for the heated seat using pins 7,8 and 9

    7=switch signal wire
    8=12v ign feed
    9=ground/ earth

    Firstly I need to know if the grey handled connector on the REC that is missing the two pins , are these two wires the 12v ign feed for each chair or where do they terminate also where does pin 9 need earthing to chassis or back through switch ?

    Secondly if signal wires are missing from switch to x1 connector can they be wired directly to pin 7 or do they go to x1 connector then to pin 7 or is there some missing in between . I could probably manage with a decent wire diagram but can't find any online or names/ codes of the different types of pins I would need to order to install the seats correctly. I have scan tool to enable on can bus also. Please any help is appreciated or if anyone knows where sell a kit with The stuff I need I'll happily buy it any advice would be brilliant as I want to do it right but need to know where wires terminate thankyou

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    Hi - this section is just for newbies to say hi etc.
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