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    Default Car stutter on cold start up

    On cold start up my car has been stuttering/hunts then it’s fine again after that.ive changed coil pack plugs,maf any ideas what it could be?or if anyone else has had the same problem.car has 109k on the clock and compression is fine 150 psi all 4

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    Could be the coolant temperature sensor mate its a common problem with what your describing that affects any make of car

    Is your mpg down ?

    Common symptons of bad cts are rough running at cold start, poor starting, bad mpg and erattic idle

    Be careful with cheapo ebay ones more trouble than they are worth better off with oem or euro car parts etc

    Not guaranteed to be this but worth a shot for a few quid looks like you have eliminated the other usual suspects already
    2009 Astra H Vxr arden blue uprated gearbox endcase with bigger bearings, 3" cobra catback non res with toyosport 2.5 double decat, mtc crossover delete and tophat

    Planning to go stage 3/3.5 eventually

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