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    Talking Looking for info on Z16LER intake manifold

    Hello guys, I'm from the Usa with a Chevy Sonic with a 1.4T. I'm looking for some info on the Z16LER intake manifold. I am planning a turbo build on the 1.8L (engine code LUW/LWE) engine since the Z16 wasn't an engine option in the states. I know that the turbo from the Z16LER will bolt onto the 1.8L since both blocks are GM Family 1, so I'm hoping that there is a chance that the Z16LER intake manifold will bolt up too. The reason I would like to use the intake manifold from the Z16LER would be that it has the throttle body on the right side of the engine when looking at the engine bay, much like how the 1.4T is in the Sonics so that intercooler piping could be ran similar to how it is currently in my car and in the VXRs. The 1.8L throttle body is on the left of the engine and would make routing intercooler piping challenging since there is not a lot of room due to the air intake being on that side of the engine. If anyone can get a picture of the face of the Z16LER intake manifold that goes against the engine with a tape measure laying on it so I can see how far apart the intake runners are, spacing of mounting holes, etc, so I could compare it to the 1.8L intake manifold, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you all in advanced! PS, I know the Z16LER turbo will directly bolt on, but I am planning on using a slightly larger turbo for my build

    Here is a picture of my Sonic:

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