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    Default Actuator

    Guys just after some advice on how to set up my actuator on my corsa I ****** about with it last week half cut! Don’t ask why and my car is running like **** now please help a brother out here cheers

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    Back the nut at the end off first then spin the other nut towards the recirculation valve

    So the waste gate arm is loose and moves up and down

    Now you want to push the waste gate arm towards the recirculation valve till it stops

    Keep the arm under tension and tighten both nuts by hand whilst keeping the arm under tension

    This setting is minimum try it and just keep adding 1 more turn of tension to the arm and keep trying it be careful not to over tension the arm or your turbo will go bang take your time and keep adding small turns and test it each time until it feels like it used too

    You need a boost guage really to set it properly

    In short the nut closest to the recirculation valve is just the locking nut

    Its the nut closest to the end of the thread that puts tension on the waste gate arm

    I'm not responsible if you get it wrong and your turbo goes bang just trying to give advice

    Ideally you need the right equipment and someone who knows their way around a turbo to set it up properly for you

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