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    Default Michelin Pilot Super Sport

    Do any of you lads have Michelin PSS?
    Mine make a constant drone noise past 50mph.

    On the motorway at 70 it just drones. Not sure If itís just my tyres or if I need to change anything on the car...

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    Haven't run PSS, but ran PS3 & PS4.
    You wouldn't by any means be the first to get unbearable drone from PSS. Usually it occurs after 5000 miles or greater. Most don't drone however.

    Few things to check;
    1. Tyre inflation (especially over-inflation).
    2. If you recently rotated tyres, change them back.
    3. Feel/check the thread depth and check for uneven wear.

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    Driven on nothing but MPSS since they came out in 2011 (iirc) no drone at all
    Are they new or could it possible be a bearing that's just started to be noisy?


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