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    Can anyone help, I've got a corsa burg 63 plate done 27k has always shifted very smooth its been off road since last October so 10months just had it motd yesterday is due a service though anyway took it out tonight after a while booted it from stantstill and it crunched from first to 2nd and since it isn't so smooth changing specialy 1st to 2nd ,when sat still if I shift it few times 1st and sometimes 2nd time rough then shifts smooth 3rd time leave few secs then same again ,could it just be that box oil needs changing as not been done since I've had the car(just over 2years) but has only done 600miles in that time.
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    I would do box oil if i were you; its probably never been done anyway but for the sake of 35 quid its worth a try.
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    Check for traces of leaks also. Sounds like it's down a bit if that happened from just being parked up, unless moisture made its way in.

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