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    Default PoorBoys Natty paste wax(blue)

    So been a bit slack , think the last time i did a polish,seal and wax was october 2016.

    So with my PB Black Hole i bought the wax, has anybody used it and whats their experience with the wax.

    I am using AG SRP for the polsih, not everybodies cup of tea , but have got good results in the past.

    G5 scratch remover for a couple of claw scatches again, before i start the procedure.

    Cleaned the car thoroughly today, and used valet pro glue and tar remover, to get one bit of tar of the backend. The car doesn't look that bad, Colinite is a monster for durability.

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    Poor boys products are generally pretty good and the smell nice
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    Quote Originally Posted by yodacraig View Post
    Poor boys products are generally pretty good and the smell nice
    yep not bad at all
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