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    Quote Originally Posted by marlie View Post
    I took the car to my local garage who did the health check on the machine and it identified that the ESP pump is faulty and the sensor is inside the control box
    so I need to send my esp pump away to be reconditioned . Also, I was informed that my power steering will not work until this is done.
    Any idea of any good companies that can do this and do it in a positive quick return ?
    I do not want my car odd the road long term as I need it for my work
    That's in the ABS unit.
    You could send it away, or you could go another route;
    These units were made by as a Teves MK60.
    Ford unit will fit (but not VAG) minus one mounting bolt hole which really doesn't matter. They've already been upgraded so the same problem won't arise.
    Ford units can be exchanged for your original unit (make no reference to Vauxhall) for about €200-€250 equivalent (I had a friend working in Jaguar pick mine up on trade discount).

    Not sure if the photofcuket images work, but it's quite easy to fit with basic mechanical knowledge;

    I can snap the Ford part number tomorrow if you PM me.
    Raining heavily outside at the minute.

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