Slow progress from put my car back on the road. It has been off the road but under cover for nearly 5 years. The time belt replaced, calipers replaced, brakes replaced. Fully serviced and MOTed. And taxed.
Then I took it to a place to do the body work - small removed, scratches sorted and
body work touched up and the wheels done up and sprayed gun smoke grey.
My car is like new and better than come out of a show room.

One thing that I did not know, my car had a paint job done by the rear window which must have been done before I bought it as a new car? Buying a new car which already had repair work done it - how annoying that was. It was a small 5 inch by 2 inch area
paint job but it was supposed to be a brand new car,

I love my car and I hope to keep on driving it forever