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    Default Oil leaking problem

    Hi, Iíve noticed my zafira vxr has a oil leak from somewhere, it looks like itís possible rocker gasket or the oil breather pipe as the pipe is damp which Iíve replaced with a silicone pipe with stainless clamps, I havenít noticed as I donít drive the car hard but I noticed if I open it up slightly I can smell burning oil in the car, could this be a blockage in oil breather or new rocker gasket or deeper problems?

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    Rocker covers gasket is a common area to leak but also often overlooked is also the oil filler cap gasket which people sometimes mistake for it being the rocker gasket

    But also I would whip of the exhaust heatshield and check the exhaust manifold they also have the tendency to work loose

    The fact you smell burning oil says to me it probably is the exhaust manifold
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