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    Quote Originally Posted by R34nel View Post
    There is no limit to how long it will last, ancillaries will need replacing from time to time and the engine will eventually need rebuilding, or the engine could just be replaced when that time comes.

    I guess the only thing you wouldn’t expect to replace is the shell, which may or may not rust severely depending on how it’s looked after.

    This is not a question that has a straight answer, you could keep the car in the road for a hundred years but you might end up pretty much replacing everything on the car in that time or more likely internal combustion engines will be band before then
    There is a limit...20-30 years will be the limit IF its cossetted in a garage...15-20 max IMO if you actually use it.

    As an example just look at how many mk4 GSIs are left (or anything made mid-late 90s)...next to none.

    Remember they usually discontinue spares as well after 10 years...so your biggest problem will be sourcing plastics IMO to keep it going.

    Why would you want to anyway.
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