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    Default Busted air con compressor hose

    Got a 2009 vxracing edition Corsa , red and black theme at 240 bhp she is beautiful. Had a lot of work done there by mechanic, after getting it back he tells me he done everything for mot just, so left the air. The compressor hose was snapped. Common problem I'm led to believe, bought the upgraded part (160 scoops) and my m8 put it on for me, however he tells me there is oil to go into it and wasn't sure how to do this. Does the compressor need to come out to put the oil in or is there any other way? It was swapped straight over I wasn't sure if I would be able to just top it up with the gas and be able to use the air con? Or what is the correct procedure? He just took old hose off put new 1 on lol

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    when I replaced the hoses on my 08plate, I took it to an aircon engineer who dropped the oil in a hose on his aircon equipment which he said would then work its way into my vehicles system during the gassing process.

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