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    Default Corsa vxr ko4 turbo conversion help needed

    Ive read on here that you can fit astra vxr ko4 turbo onto a corsa vxr by using a corsa and astra vxr flange joined with pipes. Any one done it or be able to advise if it can be done. ive uploaded a pic of it that was on here https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=i&rc...38507252691232

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    Just get an astra

    Yes was a common mod once upon a time for the corsa on here. Most used the dbilas manifold they made for the k04 corsa conversion.
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    i'd buy either the Courtenay manifold or the dbilas one if I was going to go ko4 route
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    Personally I'd not go that route unless your engine is forged. Along with brakes/diff and all the other parts needed

    Just go stage 3 if you don't have all the above

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