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    Default Astra VXR Recirculation Valve - Cap, Bolts, Bracket, 2 Diaphrams and 2 Springs


    I've got an Astra/Zafira recirculation valve for sale.

    I bought this off ebay a few months ago from seller "turborebuild-co-uk" - it was listed as a new (other) due to being removed off an unused K04 turbo and being "the latest spec".

    You get;

    - The 3 mounting bolts.
    - The Astra K04 bracket.
    - The black plastic cap.
    - The spring.
    - The rubber diaphram.

    Some of you will know i had a Corsa VXR so in addition to the above i'll chuck in a used Corsa spring and good condition Corsa rubber diaphram (the same as the Astra K04 one as far as i can see).

    Looking for £45 all in (posted).

    Please PM me as i don't have tapatalk installed anymore due to going Ford.

    Pics below including my username below of whats there (Corsa spring is the long of the 2 and Corsa diaphram will be obvious from use);

    ** NOW ON EBAY - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/113295819515**
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