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    Default Major issue Mk5 2005 automatic life

    Sorry guys I know itís not a vxr but just wanted some advice before car eventually ends up in a scrap yard

    So the story is we have a 2005 Vauxhall Astra life with automatic transmission the car starts fine and on cold start goes into gear and drives but once the car is warm nothing doesnít move just acceleration a garage has claimed its a gearbox fault common problem but Iím lead to thinking if the gearbox was knackered why would it drive on first start? Any help will be much appreciated

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    It could be the issue where the coolant leaks into the gearbox as something fails (can’t remember the specifics) but that has normally caused the gearbox to “error”, i.e. all the lights are on. The other thing it could be is knackered clutch friction plates as the oil will be thicker while cold but thin out while driving causing the gear to slip, but if it’s not going into gear (I assume you mean from N to D) that’s something else but not sure what. Does sound like a knackered gearbox tbh

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