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    8th October 2018

    Cool Newbie on this site

    Hi all,

    Been a Vectra VXR owner since 2015 and Iíve finally thought itís about time I connected with other vxr owners. As you know itís an amazing car and really fun to mod hereís what Iíve done to it so far....

    Its chassis and damper settings have been altered to cope with the extra grunt but the Vectra sticks pretty closely to the VXR script: stiff suspension meets raw grunt, raw grunt wins on a points decision.

    On motorways, you could be forgiven that the contest is heading for a score draw. In Ďregularí mode, we found the Vectra an effortlessly fast tool, happily occupying the fast lane while wafting along on a wave of torque around 3000rpm.

    Behind the wheel, there is no escaping the fact that youíre still driving a Vectra; itís automotive white goods, with nothing to make you feel special.

    Nice to meet all.

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    Welcome aboard VxRO mate
    Woody's Vx Ice Addons
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