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    Default Corsa D VXR fault

    Hey guys, just bought a 2010 corsa vxr and first day purchasing the car I got a light on the dashboard of a picture of a car with a spanner going through it? Just as a heads up the car has just been serviced and MOT about 5 weeks ago but hasnít been driven since then so Iím not sure if that could of caused it.

    Iíve looked online and read that it could potentially be a MAF sensor?

    The car seems to be boosting fine and reving all the way out once in gear and rolling however in neutral the car will only rev out to 4K revs?

    Any suggestions and help would be really appreciated as I donít want to go straight to getting a diagnostics if itís something I could potentially fix myself!

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    There should be a code stored so you can have that read using a cheap reader and go from there.
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    Bought from a dealer? Take it back for them to resolve


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