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    I’d check/change plugs regap 0.7mm poss coils as well. Mines on bluefin and ‘it’s’ rich won’t pass mot on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El1te View Post
    I wondered that when the OP said 300hp as standard.
    I've only ever seen older 2.8 engines with 250-280hp, same as Vectra VXRs of similar age.
    I thought the Insignia VXR has a different head/valves, injectors and turbo compared to earlier versions of the engine.
    Saab 9-3 turbx had 280hp and no VVT

    9-5NG and VXR are exactly the same motor with different tunning 301hp and 300lbft

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    The last of the saab 95 only came in automatic.

    Theres a massive 30% drivetrain loss thanks to auto and haldex. Post facelift insignia VXRs in automatic only make ~146kw at the wheel uncorrected.

    If afr drops to 9 you might wanna re tune it and watch your egr and knock. As you lean the mixture back.

    On a side note according to the books the last of the saab 95 was rated for 95 octane fuel while the siggy was 98 probably explain the power difference.
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