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    Default Any way to tell if my car's been mapped at all?

    So I've had my Astra J for around six months now. I like it and all that. It came from a Vauxhall dealer under NetworkQ warranty so I expected it to be standard. It has however got a Maxton Performance splitter fitted, some carbon fibre wing mirror covers and the exhaust is loud, louder than another Astra j the dealer had in at the same time. Under the bonnet the air box had loose jubilee clips at either end of the pipe that comes out of it which I tightened but did wonder if something aftermarket had been replaced.

    So the big question is short of getting it on a rolling road is there any way to tell if it's been mapped at all? I'm unsure if it might be a remap on the standard exhaust or if Vauxhall might have reset a map it but maybe has a non-standard exhaust and along with all this what do I tell the insurance comapny? That's my main consideration, I don't want to find myself uninsured if I did have an accident.

    My expectations were that it would be stock as buying from a dealer but the more I think the more I wonder if someone's possibly done an indiction kit, maybe an exhaust and aftermarket body bits then why wouldn't they have done a remap too given the bang for your buck?

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    Pretty sure only way to tell is by rolling road. Unless it can be plugged in a read what map it has? Not sure if it works like that though

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    Depends how much money you want to spend ?
    And what year as they changed the software oc from £12 for early ones or the newer software and mdi



    Which you can read engine ecu then ask some off the of the people on here to check software no. In it.

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    Easy...just check boost..if goes over 21.76 psi your car had been mapped

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