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    Red face Newbie here, hi all 🙂 a little advice needed!

    Hi all new to the forum! Have had my Astra H VXR for a few months now. But have some issues with it and it was just wondering if anyone else had something similar.
    When I bought it we were told it was mapped on the sport button, so being a little skeptical (even with a print out) I got my partner to take it to be dynod to be sure, and also to have a map tweak if needed (it wasn't needed).
    Turns out it is mapped off the sport button, 245hp standard and 291hp 350ftlb torque on the button.
    But ever since getting it back I've had issue after issue. Firstly the traction control started ******** itself whenever I put my foot down, and it did this for weeks, also the speedo needle would bounce.
    That problem had since sorted itself out, and doesn't happen so often. Yet we fitted a turbo smart recirculation valve. And ever since, it's as is the car is missing terribly, but only on the sport button. I cannot boost at all when I turn it on, as soon as I get to about 3000rpm on hard boost it just splutters and dumps all the power. And I get about 10 huge pops and bangs while it's happening.
    Any one have any idea what it could be ? Have checked all hoses etc and they are on firm. And we are going to give her a service next and see if that helps as she is due one.
    Any advice greatly appreciated, sorry about the essay 😂

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    Welcome aboard VxRO mate
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    Have you done pedal test mate and any codes be thrown up

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    Quote Originally Posted by nurburgring24 View Post
    Have you done pedal test mate and any codes be thrown up
    Best bet

    or if you no anyone with a code reader?
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    how did the service go? what did they find out ?

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