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    Default Astra H VXR heated seats not working

    Hi all. So since changing the whole Ecu kit on my car, my heated seats have stopped working. All fuses are fine, changed the relay multiple times, checked the heating elements under the seats and the wires etc and theyíre all fine. Is there anything else that could be causing the seats not to work? Could it be that I changed the Ecu kit? The kit game off another vxr that was keyless entry and had heated seats so I wouldnt have thought that would be a problem.
    Second problem is the noise I have while driving. The faster I go, the louder the noise gets and itís constant with the speed of the car. Iíve changed both wheel hub bearings so I know itís not that. All I can think is that itís possible tyre sound? But when I bought my new tyres, I specifically got ones with low dB sound. Could it still be the tyres or is there anything else I should look at?
    My last problem is, whenever I brake, I hear a grinding/whirling noise coming from the front drivers wheel and it continues until I come to a stop. Now Iíve just recently changed my wheel hub bearing within a month, also I put on some new brake discs and pads on the front wheels but Iím still getting this noise. Iíve checked the brake disc plate to make sure itís not catching, which is fine. Iíve had the wheel off, front jacked up and tested the wheel but canít see anything that would cause it to make this grinding noise whenever Iím braking. Has anyone got any ideas on where to look or what it could be?
    Those are all my problems for now.
    Thanks in advance for any help 😁

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    Ensure the heated seats are activated using Tech 2?

    Check tyre inflation. If inflated correctly try swapping them diagonally.

    Check the caliper slide pins. Best to remove them and rub your thumb nail up and down them to find any scoring present on the pins.

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