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    Thumbs up Advice on new diff choices for a VXR8 Auto


    My first post on this forum, require info on what choices i have for a diff replacement or recon diff on a VXR8 Automatic. Seems to be knocking from the rear on turning the steering and also has bits of shredded metal in the diff oil !

    Does any body sell these or recon kits in the UK ?

    Done a little research and found that the 2010 + Camaros in the USA have the same diffs and these are straight bolt on job ? could any body advise on this.

    Thanks for the help....

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    In the US the Holden Commodore and HSV Clubsport R8 was sold as the Pontiac G8 (2008 onwards). With of the Brake setup the G8 shares running gear with the VXR8.
    The camero shared the Commodore chassis but may have used different components so the diff could be different from that used in the VXR8.
    Rockauto list most parts for Pontiac diff including a replacement diff part number ACDELCO 92283116 Positraction Limited-Slip Rear Axle (G80).
    Part performance world may be able supply a diff or the parts to refurb your existing one.
    I Eaton Positraction Limited slip Diff is virtually indestructible so I'd get a second opinion before changing the Diff unit! A failed rear wheel bearings is more likely cause of the bearing noises.

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    You can get a bearing replacement kit for the diff if things are just getting a bit worn out. But you won't know the full extent of the damage until you open it up.
    The spider gears in the standard diff unit are well known for shearing teeth, if this has happened then you can get a new unit from Walkinshaws (other sellers are available), or you could fit a WaveTrac unit instead.
    There may be upgraded units from America available that would fit.

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