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    Default Performance pack ride issues

    Hi there, sorry if covering old ground but recently bought a 2015 red corsa vxr with performance pack and only 17k on clock. I've owned a standard one before from new but payments were a bit high so sold it after 1 year, i found this one at a much more afforadable price so i went for it. It comes with performance pack and panoramic sunroof, i have bought the carbon pack to install onto it when i'm ready.

    So my main issue is the ride stiffness, i was expecting it to be stiffer with the koni suspension but my friend has a one aswell with performance pack but only 5k on clock and that one drives so much smoother over bumps than mines.

    Is the koni suspension adjustable? or is there any other reason why mines would feel much stiffer. Car drives fine no knocks or bangs so i dont think the suspension is damaged. Tyre pressures are between 34 and 37 on the 215/40/18s mitchelin pilots.

    Any advice welcomed.

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    Maybe its been lowered on aftermarket springs?
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    I’d put yours and your mates side by side and see if the ride height is any different.

    I’d also check your Dampers see if you can see any leaks or anything. They shouldn’t at that mileage but stranger things have happened.
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