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Thread: Clutch Slip?

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    Default Clutch Slip?


    My car is a 2015 J VXR - I'm having an issue which may be clutch slip but I am not sure.

    I have experienced only this one issue, which occurs when shifting from first to second gear. If I accelerate full throttle to around 6000rpm or at the rev limiter in 1st gear and quickly shift to 2nd gear, the revs do not immediately drop and it feels like the car does not go anywhere once the car is in 2nd, clutch is out and I press the throttle again. I have to wait maybe a second or so for the revs to drop or shift to third. The shift to second where the revs do not drop feels very unnatural and like something is wrong.

    I have had another person replicate the issue who also thinks something is wrong.

    I believe it may be clutch slip but I am not sure. If anyone could provide any help that would be appreciated. The car has only around 34,500kms on it.


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    reads like a clutch problem to me pal , the clutch isn't the strongest from what ive read although I had no issues back when I ran a J

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    I had the same issue, I got the clutch replaced at WG motorworks, no problems since.

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