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    Default Drivers rear footwell soaking wet


    I've noticed recently in all the rain we've been having that my rear drivers footwell is absolutely soaking wet in my 3 year old E.

    I've ran a hose over the car and can't see anything coming in. The roof lining is dry as a bone and none of the other footwells are wet.

    As it's usually only me in the car to work and back, I've had no reason to check it. I have noticed a lot of "condensation" build up in the car lately but didn't think too much of it until last night when I put something behind my seat and noticed it was soaking when I took it out.

    Boot is dry as far as I can tell.

    Any ideas?

    Out of warranty but I work in a Land Rover dealer (non technical staff), so would be able to get the simple things checked without paying any money.


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    Could be drivers door rubber or window rubber, or door might not be aligned properly or something

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    Could be heater matrix mate

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    My guess would be the back light seals. Lift the carpet out of the boot and see if it’s wet under it.

    Had a similar problem years ago in a Rover 200 and that’s what it was. Water was leaking past the rear light seals, along the boot floor channelling into the rear foot wells.
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