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    Turns out the wiring harness was just part of the problem, after driving the car for a day the following day it wouldn't idle.

    I've got the rocker covers off and as I suspected the inlet cam on bank 2 is incorrect as suggested by the OBD data, so now waiting to get the holder for the harmonic damper so I can remove the timing chain cover, ( didn't want to buy this until I was sure as GM tools are expensive in the UK ).

    What bothers me is the inlet cam on bank 2 is offset by 1 tooth, but the other 3 cams are all correct, I can't see how this could happen, I'd expect any jumping to occur on the sprocket which would affect both cams, all I can assume is that last year when Vauxhall replaced the timing chains they didn't check the timing properly as it's really obvious as the timing templates don't fit.

    On removing the plenum it was clear that the upper inlet manifold gaskets were totally useless and leaking which probably explains the idle problems, ( I guess they removed the plenum to get access to the power steering reservoir as they just replaced the power steering pipes ).
    only issue now is getting the gaskets, finding the upper inlet manifold gaskets is difficult, or do they come as a set with the lower gasket?, can't tell from the listings.
    Any suggestions for where to get gaskets would be appreciated.

    Also when the car has warmed up it was running well without any warnings despite the OBD data suggesting that there was a timing issue, so we can't trust the DTC messages as this doesn't generate any.
    The one good thing from this is it proves that we can use the ODB data to diagnose a timing fault before removing the rocker covers as it's a real pain.
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