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Thread: Advice on 4wd

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    Default Advice on 4wd

    Hi guys. I have not had my vxr for long. I have never had a 4wd car before and something that's 300bhp+. How effective is the 4wd.. I have noticed on some occasions when I put my foot down that is does snap the steering wheel to one side.. what I can only describe as torque steer. The traction control lights generally flashes when this happens. Driving it does not feel as grounded as I would like and I find myself not wanting to fully apply power for the fear of sliding or wheel spinning. I know that sounds daft but I am suppose I am yet familiar with the cars performance. I know of all sorts of 4wd haldex issues etc. There is no warnings or anything and the car seems to run fine. Service history shows that the haldex infact had a filter and oil change a few months ago at vauxhall and passed all checks. The tyres seem to be budget and nothing special so this may be something . I don't know if I am being paranoid or not. Any advice would be appreciated cheers guys

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    The AWD system in normal modes send 90% of torque to the front, so it's really an FWD most of the time.

    Only in VXR mode does 60% of power gets locked to the rear.

    the AWD system is rather slow in its reaction if you ask me, being a heavy car you kinda expect that tho.
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    as fredoops says , you need to depress the sport button for full 4WD and I can assure you it is very noticeable when in use , I was into 3 figure speeds in the wet one afternoon while taking a long sweeping left hander , the rear started to brake away , push the sport button and the car snapped back into line like the road became magnetic , very effective system when its doing its job correctly , as for tyres , im running budgets all round and cant say they are any worse than quality branded tyres , only time its noticeable is on tighter corner in the wet , otherwise car handles very well , good solid planted feel

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    ive never felt torque steer in the VXR..even when mapped.... also only seen the traction control light on about 3 times...snow, VXR modes blast in the wet and on a beach...otherwise the car just grips and goes.

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