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Thread: Wiper linkage

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    Default Wiper linkage

    Hi all

    Wiper linkage went on my daily last year so robbed the burg to keep the daily drivable.
    Thinking ahead to summer and putting burg on the road does anyone know where I can buy a new linkage from. I went to Vauxhall dealers today and was quoted £421.36 incl. vat for just the linkage ???? The motor was £130 .

    That money can pay for an full suspension upgrade on the car but they want that for a few thin lengths of metal with a few nylon bushes.

    Who the funk makes these prices?

    Apart from Fleabay anyone have any suggestions?

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    I think eBay might be the best place, but try here if you haven't: https://www.genuinepartsearch.co.uk/

    Yeah, some of the dealer prices just don't make sense... I was quoted £99 plus vat for a wee piece of pipe to repair the windscreen washer hose...
    Good luck mate

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