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    Question Squeal when revving, silent at idol

    Hi, first time posint here.

    Just got a really nice Astra H vxr after having a nightmare with the new J model. The car seems perfect other than there is a sqeualing noise coming from what I assume is one of the belts. It only does it when revving the engine, normally doesnt matter if the car is warm or not if you just tickle the throttle you can hear the noise its pretty loud. Its completly silent when at idol and sounds very healthy. It's got 63000 miles on it and service stamps every 5-8k miles so its been well kept.

    I know cambelts are a concern so I was just wondering if it was that? If so I will just claim with warrenty or send it back to the dealer. Thanks in advance!

    Here is what it sounds like!


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    Could be aux belt slipping.

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