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    Default VXR Drilled Rotors

    Hi All,

    I have the Astra J VXR, and recently the brakes started to squeak and looking to freshen up the brake system. Can I reface the drilled rotors on these VXRs?

    I am asking because some of these drilled rotors manufacturers do not recommend refacing and just go with full replacement.

    VXR Rotors cost a fortune $$$$...


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    there is normally a maximum and minimum thickness for all brake rotors/ discs, so as long as the machining keeps the rotors within those tolerances then it should be okay.

    Current price for a pair of complete Brembo front brake discs is around £700, but you can buy aftermarket rotors which are around £350 for the pair.

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    I had mine cut using a procut authorised workshop looked good as new and only £70 .

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