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Thread: Front discs.

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    Let me just re-iterate:

    the NEW Insignia B VXR (not sold in europe).

    With the SAME size/caliper brake setup.

    Uses a SOLID, ONE PIECE, front brake rotor.

    That should end most arguments here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dalle1985 View Post
    As I wrote, I have had several fairly powerful cars and none of them had any issues with warping. This down to poor brakes. My guess would be, that rather than avoiding warping, the size of the brakes and the weight of the car means that the floating discs can’t manage the heat and as they are only connected through the bolts
    My factory front brake rotors lasted 26000 km's (16000 miles), it's now due for replacement.,

    I am actually replacing it with DBA (disk brake Australia) 2 piece rotors because they were on special @ 260 GBP each over here, i can tell you the 2 piece rotors I got as replacements are cast-iron, and they're heavier than the brembo 2 piece.

    What we're actually looking here is a comparison between IRON vs STEEL brake rotors.

    In fact while most brake rotors over my part of the world uses cast-iron, the OEM brembo brake rings are sub-group 2 steel, means its far less durable but is lighter given the same dimension and in theory handles "overheating" better (...providing brake pad is actually up for the job, which the OEM pad does not... so it's a moot point).

    They are also very prone to fading, proving that they cannot handle the heat build up. Mine seized on me twice resulting in heavy shaking and every single dashboard light flashing - and this wasnt under trackday conditions, but rather after driving at high speed on the autobahn and having to do a quick stop - single stop from 220 kph to around 60 and the brakes just seized on one side.
    I have a suspicion it's also the brake pads, which on my VXR is dusty as hell and wearing really fast.

    needless to say i wont be using OEM pads moving forward.
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    There arenít any supply chain restrictions on the one-piece discs in Europe, so I donít buy that as the reason for it. I really do think it was a marketing decision more than anything else...

    On the pads, then there is no doubt that they also play a part, but if the discs canít get rid of the heat, the pads will wear faster. Could be interesting to see what stock pads om non-OEM discs would be like. Anyway, in any case, the standard brakes were not up to snuff for the car.
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