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    Default Torque on standard rods

    Been told by a well known tuner who happen to be doing my car start of next month that on standard rods they can run stage 3 all day with approx 290bhp and 350lbft torque,after speaking to someone who is well known on YouTube who has just had his car forged reckons he's been told there's a good chance of failure after 300lbft of torque, who's correct on this one

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    well mine stage 3 for over 30k and standard rods and no problems at 325 torque 285 bhp. ask Courtney or wg sure they will say rods will be ok.
    stage 3

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    My car ran for 5 years on standard engine, did 80k miles on 290bhp and 350lbft and is still going strong

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