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    Specification and Equipment
    VXR sports front grille with body-coloured V grille and larger air dam/bumper
    VXR front fog lights
    VXR mesh air intake
    VXR side sills
    VXR spoiler (roof spoiler on estate)
    VXR rear bumper
    Twin trapezoidal chrome-effect exhaust pipes
    Unique VXR badging
    Choice of four VXR-specific paint colours
    18-inch five-spoke alloy wheels (optional 19s)
    Heated door mirrors
    Xenon headlights with dynamic beam levelling, high-pressure
    Recaro sports seats with leather-trimmed side bolsters
    Three-spoke leather-covered VXR steering wheel
    Leather-covered VXR gear knob
    VXR carbon-fibre effect inserts on dashboard and doors
    Unique VXR instrument panel
    VXR-logo alloy-effect door sill covers
    Air conditioning
    IDS2-Plus chassis with Continuous Damping Control, ESP, EBD
    Sport Switch
    Multi-function trip computer
    Cruise control
    CDC 40 stereo radio with DAB Digital Audio/Integral 6-CD changer/graphic display (356 watts per channel)
    Steering wheel stereo controls
    Front, side and curtain airbags
    Leather pack (with eight-way adjustable electric heated seats)
    Electronic Climate Control (in lieu of air conditioning)
    19-inch alloy wheels
    Satellite navigation
    Front and rear Parking distance sensors
    AFL Adaptive Forward Lighting
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    Prices and Options
    Price: 23,995 on-the-road (hatch) 24,995 (estate)
    Includes number plates and delivery to retailer, 12-months Vehicle Excise Duty and new vehicle first registration fee of 38.00
    Leather Pack (leather seat facings, heated Recaro sports seats, eight-way adjustable) 1,500
    Smoker Pack (cigar lighter and ashtray) 50
    Electronic Climate Control (in lieu of air conditioning) 275
    AFL lighting with bi-xenon bulbs and high-pressure washers 750
    19-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels with 235/35 R19 ultra-low profile tyres 500
    Front and rear parking distance sensors 425
    Two-coat metallic or pearlescent paint 335
    CD70 stereo/radio/cd with MP3 capability and sat nav with colour monitor 800
    Mobile phone system with Bluetooth (not including phone or cradle) 300
    Towing Pack 650 (850 estate)
    Roof rails (estate only) 100
    Power Tailgate (estate only) 500
    Divider Pack (Vertical divider mesh/divider rod/two side rail hooks estate only) 50
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    Stylish Design
    VXR treatment brings out best in New Vectra style
    Hatch or estate body styles available
    Unique VXR interior styling
    When Vauxhall introduced New Vectra, critics were amazed at the cars sharp new look. Vectra VXR takes that stylish design and moves it into fresh territory, with a bold, appearance that marks out the performance flagship of the range as a car with a seriously sporting presence - without being overly aggressive.
    At the front, the already sharp nose is complemented by the addition of a honeycomb radiator grille, while large mesh intakes are incorporated into the front air dam, housed in the VXRs unique front bumper. The fared in front fog lamps are set well back into the bumper to keep them out of the way of road debris, while xenon headlamps are standard equipment and add further to Vectra VXRs distinctive appearance.
    Low-slung side sills and darkened glass on the Estate give the side a distinctive appearance. Smart 18-inch alloy wheels, exclusive to VXR models, are fitted as standard, while 19-inchers are a keenly-priced 500 option.
    Moving round to the rear, the VXR gets a unique rear bumper and skirt, while hatch models come with a lip spoiler and estates get a special roof spoiler. Four body colours are available Flame Red, Arden Blue, Black Sapphire, Star Silver .
    Then, of course, there are the VXR trademarks Arden Blue brake callipers and those distinctive trapezoid-shaped tailpipes, which have become a stand-out feature of performance Vauxhalls in recent years.
    Inside, the specially-moulded Recaro sports seats come with leather-trimmed side bolsters, while a three-spoke sport steering wheel and tailored VXR instrument panel add further to the sporty ambience. Other neat touches include exclusive VXR floor mats and gearknob, plus smart alloy door sill covers, proving that no stone has been left unturned in order to make the flagship of the New Vectra range stand out.
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    Highly tuned set-up with IDS2-plus a new generation in chassis design
    Massive 345mm disc brakes
    Front-wheel-drive; 255PS
    New Vectra was built to cope with Britains challenging roads and the VXR has been created so you can enjoy them even more. Thats why Vauxhalls engineers have developed IDS2-plus for Vectra VXR, making it the perfect choice for Britains challenging roads.
    Based on the critically acclaimed IDS-plus (Interactive Driving System) chassis pioneered on models such as New Astra and New Vectra, IDS2-plus uses sophisticated electronics which have previously only been seen on supercars. It operates in such a manner that all of the driver assistance systems operate in harmony with each other.
    The IDS2-plus system networks all driving dynamics systems via CAN data buses into one system. Linked components are driving stability control system (ESP), traction control, Understeer Control Logic (UCL), the four-channel anti-lock system, Brake Assist and Continuous Damping Control (CDC). The new upgraded software allows more precise adjustments of the damping, which improves not only braking stability, but also traction, roadholding and handling precision. At the same time, the honed responsiveness of the chassis also contributes to ride comfort, making the Vectra more refined than many less sporty rivals.
    While the default chassis set-up allows excellent handling and impressive suspension comfort, drivers favouring a sharper, stiffer response can simply press the Sport switch on the dashboard and instantly enjoy a firmer chassis set-up.
    And to reel in the power, Vectra VXR has the biggest brakes ever fitted to a production Vauxhall, with 345mm ventilated discs at the front and 292mm solid discs at the rear naturally backed up by ABD, Brake Assist and EBD helping to bring things to an abrupt halt if necessary.
    Under the skin, Vectra VXR has Macpherson struts at the front and wishbones at the rear. The steering geometry is specific to the VXR, giving heightened feedback and a weightier feel at high speed, along with sharper responses on twisty tarmac. Performance bushes and bearings add to the cars impressive dynamics.
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    Engine and Performance
    New all-alloy 2.8-litre V6
    Produces 255PS and 355Nm of torque
    0-62mph in 6.5secs, top speed 161mph
    When a car looks as good as Vectra VXR, it has to deliver in the power department after all, whats the point of shouting about something if you cant deliver?
    Luckily, Vectra VXR can. With a top speed of 161mph, the five-door model is the fastest hatchback available on the British market, while the 158mph estate is also the most rapid load-lugger that money can buy and its all thanks to a technically advanced powerplant that makes its debut in the model.
    The all-alloy 2.8-litre V6 engine is brand new, and uses a twin-scroll turbocharger and variable valve timing in order to deliver smooth yet breathtaking power.
    The unit develops a maximum of 255PS (188kw) at 5,500rpm, while a peak torque figure of 355Nm (262lb/ft) is available from as little as 1,800rpm in order to avoid the turbo lag and brutal, unexpected bursts of power.
    What this means is that not only is the Vectra VXR capable of effortless performance regardless of what gear youre in, but it also provides incredible smoothness and refinement.
    The hatchback model can accelerate from rest to 60mph in just 6.5 seconds, while the estate can do the same sprint in 6.7 seconds. Power is transferred to the road via a close-ratio six-speed manual gearbox specially developed for the model, and thanks to the highly-tuned IDS2-Plus chassis, it has no trouble getting its prodigious pulling power onto the tarmac.
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    Safety and Quality
    High levels of active and passive safety
    Unique Crashbox structure
    Active head restraints as standard
    Performance cars should be used responsibly, and with that in mind Vauxhall has ensured that Vectra VXR is one of the safest and most dynamically able cars in its class.
    Thats why, as well as the reassuring handling characteristics of the IDS2-Plus chassis, Vauxhall has equipped Vectra VXR with some of the most advanced active safety features on the market. Enormous 345mm disc brakes front and rear should keep things in check for starters, while ESP-Plus, traction control, understeer control logic, cornering brake control and CDC Continuous Damping Control further add to the feeling of security on board.
    Should the worst happen, Vectra VXR has also been extensively collision tested. Thanks to the use of lightweight yet extremely high-strength materials, both models have rigid passenger cells that provide a large survival area in all accident scenarios. In the event of a collision, the energy is absorbed by a number of main load paths, high-strength cross bars, as well as predefined deformation zones behind and on the side of the extremely rigid passenger cell. In a frontal crash, the impact is absorbed by the frame structure, the front axle subframe and the wheelarch braces, while in a rear end collision, the energy is absorbed by the frame under the passenger cell and directed over the highly stable C and D-pillars as well as the wheelarches into the roof structure. Crash boxes bolted onto the frame create an additional buffer between the bumpers and the frame.
    Active head-restraints, six airbags, a pedal release system and ISOFIX mountings in the rear add further to the feeling of security on board.
    The high safety standards are matched by Vectra VXRs build quality. Building on the success of New Vectra and New Signum, Vectra VXR benefits from high quality materials throughout, with an upmarket cabin worthy of comparison to executive models and a strict quality control regime in the factory at Russelsheim, Germany.
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    Value for Money
    Incredible performance-per-pound ratio, from just 23,995
    Superb equipment levels
    Cheaper than some four-cylinder rivals
    If youre buying a Vectra VXR, then youre buying a bespoke performance car. A car that has been extensively tested by racing drivers on some of the most rigorous circuits in Europe, including the legendary Nurburgring.
    Normally, youd expect to pay serious amounts of money for a performance car that has been developed to such exacting standards, but thats not the Vectra VXRs style.
    Instead, the hatchback model costs just 23,995 on-the-road, with a 1,000 premium for the estate.
    That makes it 305 cheaper than the Ford Mondeo ST220, despite the Vectras generous equipment levels and extra performance, or you could compare it to some sparsely equipped four-cylinder models that, like Vectra VXR, are built in high-tech German factories.
    (Car, Power, 0-60mph, Top speed, Price)
    Vauxhall Vectra VXR, 255PS, 6.5secs, 161mph,23,995
    Ford Mondeo ST220, 220PS, 7.5secs, 151mph, 24,300
    Mercedes C180K Sport, 165PS, 9.1secs, 145mph, 25,105
    BMW 318i M-Sport, 130PS, 10.0secs, 130mph, 23,690
    We dont just believe that Vectra VXRs value for money is hard to beat we think its unbeatable.
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    Default Vectra C, 2.8iV6T (Z28NET),, 3/06
    Date: March, 2006
    By: Sam Hardy
    The fastest Vectra that Vauxhall has ever built has hit the UK! And, following on from our international drive in issue 882, we couldn't wait to see how the newcomer would shape up on British roads - so Auto Express grabbed the keys to one of the first right-hand-drive models.
    Straight away, it's clear that the Vectra VXR is an extreme machine. Deep air intakes, big spoilers and 19-inch alloys make for a brutal-looking saloon, particularly when painted bright metallic blue.
    Under the bonnet is a 255bhp 2.8-litre V6 turbocharged power-plant, hooked up to a close-ratio six-speed gearbox. Lowered suspension, adaptive electronic dampers and bigger brakes complete the package. The V6 engine's searing punch and great throttle response ensure that the VXR feels every bit as quick as the claimed 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds and 161mph top speed suggest. Shame, then, that the gearbox is clunky and can't be rushed.
    And take a corner too quickly and the car's limitations become all too apparent. Despite the Vauxhall's clever dam-pers, there's lots of wheelspin in the lower gears under hard acceleration, but little steering feel. The Vectra is more at home on fast, sweeping bends where you can use the torque and enjoy the taut ride. But if it's straight-line speed you're after, the VXR won't disappoint.
    First Opinion
    Not for the shy or retiring, the Vectra VXR is brashly styled, brightly painted and, if driven hard, a bit rough around the edges. Audi's A4 2.0T quattro and the Ford Mondeo ST220 offer a far more composed driving experience for similar money. However, neither can match the brawn of the VXR. The powerful turbocharged V6 has plenty of character and gives the Vectra massive acceleration. For many buyers that will be all that's needed to justify the high price tag.
    At a Glance
    *Our test car was fitted with optional 19-inch alloys, instead of the standard 18-inch wheels. Four body colours - Flame Red, Arden Blue, Black Sapphire and Star Silver - are available.
    * Engine: 2.8-litre V6, 255bhp
    * Price: 23,995
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    Default Vectra C 2007, 2.8iV6T (Z28NET), Spec/Press Release

    Engine power and suspension upgrade for 2007 Vectra VXR

    The Vectra VXR is already one of the most powerful cars on the road, but that hasnt stopped Vauxhall giving it even more grunt.

    New 2007 model year versions of the Vectra VXR have had the power boosted from 255PS to 280PS, thanks to a redesigned induction system, modified engine components and retuned electronic engine control software. These revisions to the 2.8-litre V6 turbo engine knock four-tenths of a second off the 0-60mph sprint time, taking it down to just 6.1 seconds for the hatchback and 6.3 seconds for the estate.

    To match the engines extra power, Vauxhalls engineers have also tweaked the chassis to give more dynamic handling. Modified spring and shock absorber settings and correspondingly retuned IDSPlus2 chassis control software is said to optimise the pitch, roll and turn-in characteristics to make the most of the increased performance without ruining the Vectra VXRs impressive refinement. The difference between the normal chassis setting and the Sport setting, which is activated by the dashboard-mounted Sport Switch, has been further increased too, making sure that the Vectras handling can cope with the most demanding drivers demands.

    This latest Vectra VXR is now available to order now from any Vauxhall retailer.

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    Default Vectra C 888, 2.8iV6T (Z28NET),, 1/10
    By: Owen Mildenhall
    Photos: David Shepherd (To follow)
    Date: 01/11/2006

    Our verdict on a special turbo tuned Vectra VXR 888
    Rating: 4/5

    No, your eyes are not deceiving you this is the worlds fastest Vauxhall. Whats more, its a near- standard Vectra VXR thats expected to be offered through selected dealers towards the end of this year.

    Capable of 186mph, its been built by German tuning legend EDS as part of a project involving race car firm 888. With 252bhp and 355Nm of torque, the standard motor is already potent. But for those who want supercar performance, EDS has fitted a new turbocharger, worked its magic on the ECU, and modified the exhaust to generate 340bhp and 500Nm.

    Auto Express jumped at the chance to get an exclusive first drive in EDSs development test car, and the performance differences are easy to spot. The car is noticeably more urgent, and you can really feel the surge in thrust as the turbo comes on boost. But its the acceleration in gear which is really impressive particularly in fifth and sixth, where the ability to overtake or increase speed without changing down separates this model from a standard VXR.

    However, away from the test track putting this much power through the front wheels asks a lot of the transmission and traction control. And with this in mind, EDS has programmed the standard VXRs Sport button to be an on/off switch for the extra performance.

    The tuned parts can be retro-fitted to an existing VXR, or ordered complete with a new car. Either way, the result will be most unlike your average Vectra.

    Our run in this prototype certainly confirms that the engine modifications take the VXR into a new class in terms of top speed and acceleration. Untested handling aside, the Vectra VXR 888 is already promising to be one of the most serious performance cars to ever wear a Vauxhall badge.

    EDS' stickers are the only clue this is not a standard VXR. The 888 versions will have bigger wheels and brakes than the model we drove.

    Engine: 2.8-litre V6, 340bhp
    Top speed: 186mph
    Price: 29,000
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