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CDC40 - External In...

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  • CDC40 - External In...

    I have noticed in the sound settings on the CDC40 there is a volume control for an "external in".
    Before I rip the stereo out of the dash, does anybody know if the CDC40 has an external in on the back?

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    I've used the 'external in' connection at the back of my Zafira's CDC40 as a method to connect a Nokia CK-7W phone kit and have the sound through the car speakers using a connector purchased from Dashmount.
    However, the supply is via two input wires only and therefore mono and whilst you can control the volume, it is not possible to control the bass, treble or use the equaliser within the CDC40.
    In summary, it works OK but not great in terms of sound quality for kit such as mp3 players, ipods or DVD players IMO!
    Trust this helps.


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      I ran a Pioneer bandpass box from mine (sub and amp in one box), again it was in mono, sound wasnt as good as in stereo but it wasnt terrible. The guy that bought my MK5 SRiT bought the box as well and is quite happy with the sound from it.


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        Thanks, really useful info.
        Is there anywhere on the back for a DAB radio tuner? Or do you get a completely different head unit if you opt for DAB version of the CDC40?