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    Has any1 eva heard of these guys??? 282bhp seems a lot from standard, after readin peeps gains on ere, id say 282 is around stage2 init

    As one of the UK's leading tuning companies we can provide for all your electronic and mechanical tuning requirements. The benefit of choosing Celtic Tuning over the majority of UK tuners is that we actually write and develop all of our own software in house; this enables us to provide a genuine custom tuning service for all applications and uses.
    The 2.0 Turbo engines we can take from 240bhp up to 282bhp and from 236lbft torque up to 286lbft torque giving a very impressive performance gain and all within safe design tolerance of the engine and drive train components. Reviews of some of our remaps are located here should you wish to browse
    All of our software has been developed using a Dastek 750 rolling road. This ensures performance accuracy, reliability and also that your vehicle is MOT compliant for emissions testing.
    The cost of the remap is £313 all inclusive (RRP £360) for which we travel to your location whether it is home or work place. This comes with a 14 day money back guarantee which gives you plenty of time to ensure it is exactly what you are after.
    Progress Thread
    SMD, LSD, CDTI, RARB......Poss hybrid in the future