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boost an vacuum gauge

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  • boost an vacuum gauge

    right im visiting a few mates who both have vxrs, one has the 3 gauge mod that he bought second had, think its one of addsvxr...

    the gauges are battery volt, boost an a vacuum gauge, question is, i thought the vacuum gauge is the same as a boost gauge. the lad got a friend to fit it, an the boost gauge doesnt move an the vacuum gauge moves like a boost gauge would do...

    there is two pipes running into the engine bay, one that is connected to the fpr, which i think is the vacuum gauge an then the other is linked into the the pipes behind the back of the engine....

    never seen this set up before, the boost gauge doesnt move hardly....

    any help would be grateful as im am not tasked with it to get itto work...

    but im sure the boost gauge an the vacuum gauge are to measure the same thing... but i maybe wrong.
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    Vacuum gauges are for noturbo cars my boost gauge as both but when car comes on boost the vac gauge is of no use For all your tuning needs


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      Both the vac and boost should be fitted in a vac/boost pipe ie off fuel pressure regulator For all your tuning needs


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        thought so, thats why it goes below 0 on the boost gauge when idealing.

        cheers dude
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