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iPod connection aux in retro fit

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  • iPod connection aux in retro fit

    Hi I've got an 07 plate vxr andi was wondering if it's possible to fit the aux in conector like on the newer models. I love my iPod and hate the radio iPod things. Sorry bit of a tech dunce. My cars radio is the mp3 one. Any help please shout up and tell me how aswell please.

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    Okay dude, first thing is, does your radio have 9 radio presets on it? If not then you've no chance

    If it does, you need to pull it out and look at the pin diagram on the top. If it has aux R aux L and aux GND on it, you're in luck. You will need to retrofit the wire then get it programmed with tech2 or similar.

    If you don't have these pins unfortunately it can't be done with what you've got, you might want to then buy a cd30 mp3 with the correct pins in then get it tech2'd to your car.
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      13255833 should be the number for the jack lead

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