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07 Plate - some issues..maybe its just me

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  • 07 Plate - some issues..maybe its just me

    Hi all,

    Have had a VXR for 2 weeks now and love it. Just a few problems which I thought I'd get opinions on.

    1) I don't know if its because I'm slowly getting used to the clutch being different or if there is a problem with it, however it seems a bit jerky/sticky in first and second most of the time. I feel like the bites not quite right on it. Is this normal for the VXR?

    2) I've noticed the last couple of days whilst parking the car that the exhaust seems to have a rattle upon removing my foot from the accelerator. If I rev it a bit, sure enough on rev-down it rattles towards the backend, almost like a small clanking sound.

    3) I've already advised the dealer that the paintwork on the roof bar strip has bubbled underneath near the front, and they seem to think this is a warranty issue - I'm going back with some documents on the Sale of goods act just in case they try and charge me for repair. Basically, question is, would you guys expect the paintwork to do this on an 07 plate and should this be covered by my warranty?
    My old 51 plate Coupe never had paintwork issues like that before and its 9 years old.

    Sorry if I've not explained things well enough.


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    1) Normal, will improve once your used to it. I have read that poly engine mounts can help with this.

    2) Not something i've ever had

    3) Known issues with the clearcote on the vxrs. But you'll be lucky to get a warrenty claim on that.
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      The exhaust rattle will probably be the heat shield underneath Touching the zorst

      ..................... THEY JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER.!!.................


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        i also had a sort of jerking with first and second, but since i got my remap its sorted it, i think its because the standard map has such raw power its kind of jerky
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          Check to see if your exhaust isnt rattling in the triangular cutout of the diffuser, my exhaust wasnt sat straight and was doing that. Also my paint on my 08 is bubbling and flaking on the rear arches but they wont cover me as the non vaux dealer didnt do a paint perforation test when they serviced it. JOKE to be honest.