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Clock Time Jumping Forward

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  • Clock Time Jumping Forward

    I'm just wondering if this has been happening to anybody else... I've got the standard CD30 MP3 stereo and just recently the time is going forward and hour, it doesn't correct itself for the whole journey or maybe even the day but then the next day/journey it's corrected itself. It's getting confusing because sometimes I forget and think I'm late

    I've tried using BBC1/2 to get the time to synch back but no joy, it's never been a problem in previous cars.

    Is it just my radio that has developed a sense of humor???
    I'll just give it a quick wash!

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    it happened to me me once and when i asked the question on here they laughed lol
    ..... gone but not forgotten.....

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      actualy that happened in mine last week but forget to mention it on here!

      got in car it said 14:20, was reversing down the drive thinking how the hell am i that late, then stopped and it flashed to 13:20!!