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  • Alloy problem

    HEY People

    I just recently bought the vxr racing edition,, and scuufed ma alloys bad got it fixed but the colors changed wel i gues they mesd my alloy up...just want to know wats the best alloy cleaner out ther for them coz im afraid the gloss black rims woudn like me using jus any ally cleaner... do help me out n let me know???

    and ya wats the best place to get it tuned around the midlands Uk???
    need a remus system bad....

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    You want bilberry.

    Acid free and very safe and a great cleaner. Can dilute to any strength.


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      And welcome to the site


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        As said Bilberry or Redberry, both non acidic wheel cleaners are what you want.

        As for tuning the closest to you in the midlands is MPG or TMS i think.

        As for a remus speak with these guys in Nottingahm:

        But also ask about the Scorpion 3" exhaust. The Remus will set you back around £850 and the Scorp is £660 delivered and a slightly bigger bore so better for tuning.

        Oh, try not to use text talk mate, you dont pay by the letter here