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  • UP- GRADES ???

    Hi guy's got my VXR 2 weeks ago and I have not stopped grinning since..
    I live up north nr Sunderland and got a cracking deal (or so I think) I got the demonstrator which I test drove Arden blue with the 19's and MP3 radio full 3 yrs waranty and all this for £16,900 the sales people know me as I have bought several new cars there before so they looked after it for me it was cositted as though it was there own and with a gaurnteed mileage of 1000 miles or less i think i did alright Oh and when I took delivery it had 350 miles on it .. anyway my question does these up grades affect the warranty at all and if not whats involved with this stage 2 ? what do you get done ? is it a new exhaust or what .. as you can tell I aint technical minded at all

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    Hi Miey, have a look around on the site. There are lots of threads / discussions on this very subject(!)
    Andy H


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      Hi Miley,
      Yes, a Stage 2 does include a full Milltek exhaust system. It's a performance exhaust that improves the air flow (derestricts it) allowing power to be delivered more smoothly. It also sounds so so nice! This increases the power upto 15bhp.
      The car is also remapped. In case you don't know - this is a simple plugging in of a laptop and software (or settings) downloaded to the cars ECU. This increases the power by about 40bhp.
      All in all, a stage 2 gives about 290/295bhp.
      There are several Vauxhall tuners:
      VXR Performance Centre (Where I got my stage 1)
      Thorney Motorsport
      All are highly recommended by recent customers - the quality of service is fantasic. As far as the warranty goes, it will invalidate that part of the warranty. However, the warranty is taken over by the tuners. (VPC and TMS I know do, not sure on other turners but sure I'll be corrected.)
      P.S. I know very little about cars too. I have picked up a lot on these forums though.


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        Cheers for the info and all advice taken on-board at this stage I'm enjoying the new found power (and youth) of my vxr once this starts to fade I will be sure to think about upgrades..
        cheers people and be safe out there


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          Trust us mate the sound of the exhaust system is amzing and the extra power really puts a smile on your face!Worth every penny!!!