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water in ballast

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  • water in ballast

    hi peeps , the headlight on the drivers side keeps going out . It seems to only happen when it rains yesterday it was chucking it down and the headlight did not work again! and usually the day after its dried out and fully opperational . But not today .... so i took the bumper off , removed the headlamp , and opended the ballast . Only to find about half a cup of water pouring out . Ive put it back together and wrapped it in plaggy . Fingers crossed it will be ok . I dont understand because the other ballast is bone dry and mounted in the same position at the other side ? it could be a dicky seal on that ballast ? if it doesnt work after a couple of days im going to get it replaced as its still under warrenty . The ballasts ive got are the standard size and were very hard to find space to fit them. Was i supposed to get the slim ones? has any body else had a similar problem? regards tim

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    ok so the day after i posted this thread the dodgy ballast kicked into life then died ....upon removing the ballast i noticed smoke ! only to find the cable had nearly set on fire ! the ballast is now on its way back for an exchange . I think when i re fit the replacement ballast il seal all of the seems and cable ports with silicon before i wrap it in a baggy . Peace bro's