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  • Protection Film

    Has anyone got that protection film stuff on their car? Im going to get the front end sprayed as its COVERED in chips its so bad but its just going to happen again so i thought i'd get this done to stop it from happening... does it work? Can you tell you have it on and can you still get the shine from your paint or will it look dull from the rest?

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    A good question, I doubt it's really gonna stop stone chips. imo I figure its protection against those nasty bird sh1ts. Would be nice to see what the others say. Though my mate raves about it. Says he doesn't need to polish his car now too. Que all the good replies.....


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      I cant see it working too but my mates Focus RS has it on since 2003 and it seemed to have worked as he only has it half way up the bonnet so you can see where the stones have been hitting on the paint. Only prob i have is what if a big stone hits the bonnet and puts a nick in the film? nasty lol


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        Hey chap,

        Browny on here has it on his and I'd say it makes a nice difference. He's had his car a year with no chips etc. and Ive had mine 3 weeks and its worse than his now because the paint work is crap.

        Still shows the shine etc. as well

        Just my opinion tho, I'm sure others will have had experiences.

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          I had it on mine when i brought it, cost £300 for the front third of the bonnet to be wrapped, half the wings, the mirrors and bumper - so its not cheap. Unfortunately for me they messed it up when they applied it but i got a refund. Its very good stuff, kept my front end spotless


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              Had my red VXR done had it 2 1/2 years not one stone chip, had full bonnet end of wings front bumper mirrors grill side skirts and rear load area, was great stuff and did shine well.

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                Well think im gonna get this done then Does anyone know anywhere in the north east that does a DECENT paint job? I want to get my bonnet, bumper, splitter, and wings painted... wonder how much that will cost