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Stage 2 warranty issues

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  • Stage 2 warranty issues

    Im wondering what the exact warranty issues are from the main Courtenay, Thorney, VPC, Regal etc after doing a stage 2.
    Im goin to get it done regardless of distance but I want to know what happens if it all goes wrong and the engines goes bang. Do any of the above cover their work with a warranty and if so for how long and what do they cover.

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    all the respective mentioned tuners will cover warrenty on the parts that fault if it is deemed that it was the tuning carried out responsible for the problem to occur ion the first place, chances are these days that you should not have any problems as the tuners have tested their products significantly prior to release, but if for some unforseen circumstance something does go wrong then thats why most of us would recommend going to the tuner most closest to you incase you need to get your vehicle back but in saying that all the vxl tuners have a good repitation for quality work.