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Front left metal on metal rattle...

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  • Front left metal on metal rattle...

    Hi all

    This is one for the tech gurus...

    When driving with the windows down I can hear the characteristic gear and clutch actuations - which I understand is a "perk" of the Astra VXR (correct me if I am wrong!).

    This sound is different. It's like rattling some nuts in a baked bean can - but more metalic. It's coming, from what I can tell, from the front left of the car. It's mostly evident, again with driving with the windows down, and when I hit a bump or hump in the road. I'm not mechanically minded at all - but I have just been out and had a nose around, but the only think I can see is a missing clip from the arch-liner.

    As well as this, I get a squeak from the right hand side of the car when turning right. It's not the other "perk" of the Astra; the electric power steering. It is a proper, fully fledged squeak!

    Firstly, before I take it to the stealers under warrantee, only to be told they can't hear anything - is this a know issue with the 08 Astras? Is it something that has happened to someone before, and if so what was it? It's got to go to the dealers because of a CD70 malfunction (left it playing and now won't turn on or off - had to remove the fuse to turn the hifi screen off after locking!).

    Any help would be muchly appreciated.

    Muchos Gracias!