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Thankyou Gman Quife LSD Fitted..

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  • Thankyou Gman Quife LSD Fitted..

    I've not yet had the chance to thank Gareth & Jammie Day for fitting my Quaife LSD yet..
    I managed to acquire a near brand new unit still boxed with the bill for an absolute bargain! (Thanks Andy :thumbs
    Now, I have known Gareth, his missus and sons Jamie & Chris for a few years now and become very good mates. All I can say is there's not much they don't know about VX esp VXR and all across the range.. believe me
    Firstly, I was treated to a couple of bacon rolls and plenty of T throughout the morning(Y)
    Gareth and Jamie soon got to work, wheels off, drive shafts out and bingo bango before you know it the OE plate diff was out The new LSD is a direct fitment so putting everything back in was a doddle apart from Jamie dropping the unit on his head not once but twice:nah: These two at work reminded me of the Tuetells from OCC The knowledge they have and the right tools made it look like a walk in the park! Two hours later It was test drive time and OMG what a transformation I just couldn't believe how massively different the van performs:nah: All torque steer has now been eliminated! I pulled off from a set of lights (Sport button ON) with no hands and it just tore off in a perfect straight line.. (Dont try this at home kids:nah
    Cornering is just scaryI used to get the front end drifting and lose acceleration in a tight corner before, now it really digs in and keeps accelerating, You can feel it pull you out of the corner with so much confidence This LSD is totally smooth in engagement that you can never tell when it is shifting power from one wheel to the other. Even an uneven surfaced road that would pull you from side to side has vanished(Y)
    This is all amplified in the wet, roundabouts and cornering is a pleasure now!
    Its going to take a bit of getting used to but what a must have mod:salute: I cant wait for a few track days approaching fast
    I give this mod 10/10 across the board and advise you all to get one fitted(Y)

    Thanks to the "Days" over in Reading, Proper nice People, extremly knowledgable and mates for life..


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    Glad you finally got one sorted mate!

    I will give you a ring in the week some time for a chat!


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      nice one huggies just in time for silverstone


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        Glad you like , bet you can t believe you didn t do it earlier , you ll need more power now lol
        Project J is here Carbon Parts for Astra J Or vectra vxr brake conversions to astra/corsa please PM


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          on the way back did you go down sonning ?? nice roads to drive nice and slow down
          the truth is out there
          part GSI part VXR
          tyre shreding tarmac terrorist


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            Originally posted by dannyf View Post
            on the way back did you go down sonning ?? nice roads to drive nice and slow down
            Yes mate


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              good info/feedback there mate..every 1 that has had 1 fitted has said they are a geting 1 soon as i get my brakes sorted..then the engine tunning will start
              ''we do not quit modifying because we grow old,''

              '' we grow old because we quit modifying ''


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                I saw you going along the henley road van looked very nice

                Sadly I dont have a vxr just a corsa with a zlet in with vxr bits
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                  Been out to my secret test track this afternoon I cant get over how good this mod is What a massive improvement to cornering in both wet and dry situations I'm going to get a full geometry set up done tomorrow 1st thing too
                  Sooooo happy