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Thinking about buying a VXR, a few questions

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  • Thinking about buying a VXR, a few questions

    Hi all,
    I'm currently driving this:

    I actually really like the car apart from the fact that It's slower than a slow thing (1.6 VVT SXI) and it really drinks the fuel too! I'm averaging well under 30mpg around Glasgow at the moment

    So.... I've enquired about a new Astra VXR Arctic Edition and it's only going to cost me £110 a month more to change with no balloon payment at the end unlike my current car. I understand the VXR is really thirsty but it cant be THAT much worse than the 27.8mpg average I'm showing from the last 2 tanks can it?

    Then I've come across this.....

    Is the VXR really as bad as Clarkson makes out in this video and 5th gear in a couple of others? I understand it's a lot of power through the front wheels but it would be getting Eibach/DAP springs and a RARB immediately which would help....? Right....?

    Thanks in advance!
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    You will get around 30mpg or more driving a VXR, all depends on which roads. Just do a search and you will see many threads on the subject of mpg.

    As for the tv programmes just ignore then, even the Ford ST / RS had torque steer. Take one out for a test drive and see for yourself, it is not that bad.

    Adding daps, rarb will not help the torque steer, adding a LSD will.
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      Agreed, take in other peoples opinions but the one that really counts is your own. I can't say its ever a problem and you can feel it at times but I'm still very happy with mine.

      Drive one a couple and see if it feels right for you. Oh and I'm averaging 29.7mpg from having it.


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        Forgot to say though, nice wheels as they are there


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          Fuel is far better in my VXR on long journeys than in my old Astra G 1.8 SRi. I can now get 36-38 MPG on the motorways. .... can go from Aberdeen to Dufftown and back on 1/4 a tank if I am just sitting at 60 all the way, thats 112 miles round journey

          As for the torque steer, it does, but nowhere near as bad as they say. As said take one for a spin and see. You'll love it, and it will be a masive jump in pace


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            im sure one of us in the glasgow area would be happy to take you out m8 let you see for yourself
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              just hold on to the steering wheel.

              you'd be daft to listen to anything jeremy clarkson has to say, half of it is all ********.

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                I get around 25 to the gallon around town. A tank full will last about 200 miles. On a long run, I have managed to get almost 400 miles but that was with the cruise control on during the motorway bits.

                My car is standard.


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                  Can get 30mpg on my daily commute down mostly A roads, though have had 40mpg on a long motorway run. Tbh the torque steer is only really noticeable on crappy roads and even then its not that bad.