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  • Exhaust info

    Heh ppl.
    Iv got the kid bug on the vxr after nearly 3 years.
    I'm thinking about a exhaust. Only a back box.
    But I'm past wanted just a loud all the time one because I do 100 miles a day and it would drive me mad. Are any of the astras exhausts what sound mint when being booted but are relitivly quite when just cruising?
    And what's are the prices of the exhausts

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    Scorpion is like that mate, you can just go for cat back oculus not planning on stage2 and want to reduce noise


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      Ok cheers mate I'll have a look.
      You don't by any chance know the price of these ? And best place to buy


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        as the stig said! full scorpion is quiet when you want it to be and thats the full system so a cat back will be even quieter!

        Roadrunner do them and the full system is £660 new so cat back will be less than that considerably.

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          I'd say cat back maybe around 500 poss even less, but try roadrunner I got full turbo back so not sure on cat back price but scorpion is defo what you want if you want to keep noise levels down,


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            Ok cheers.
            I'll look into that the.

            Next question. I know it's abit off subject but where can I source some dash buttons. U know like the sports button etc etc. Iv tried search but can't really find a answer.


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              putting a remus on a vxracing

              Hi I've jus bought full remus system for my vxracing need a little advice on fitting it if any one has any info be sure to let us know thanks


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                pretty easy to fit just down pipe clamp problem get a new one should be fine

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                  the normal Milltek cat back and pre cat would do you perfectly then. I do 50k a year in my 2 cars, one has a milltek full system and sounds lush. The other had the milltek full system and sounded lush, now got a race system and does my head in. Found a nicely priced used Milltek system so picking that up soon and going back to it. It sounds brill when booted but a slight hum when cruising.
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                    Ok thanks I'll look into that too
                    Hows the prins LPG going? I had the system with browns fitted to my astra and it's running good apart from if u rev it then dip the clutch or knock I out of gear, the car will go down to 1000rpm then 500rpm then stall. Doesn't do it all the time. And I know I shouldn't really knock it out of gear ect. I have got 1500 check up Friday so I will tell them too.