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Tx cdti airbox

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  • Tx cdti airbox

    Anybody know if these are a good option? Seemsa good price for everything included.

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    You are going to get mixed view, as always, on this, lol, I haven't got mine done BUT if I want one, I would get the Regal's one, no need to extend the wires, I know, it is not difficult, but just not too keen to cut any wires, lol, .
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      I've been thinking this, £30 extra and less I can mess up haha.

      I just want the shiny pipe though


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        These are OK, beware they do come in two sizes 70mm & 80mm maf. Ensure for your VXR you specify 80mm.

        Obviously, its a genuine GM box (GM stickered bag) and they come with the standard dti air filter (with additional gorse panel on the botton of the airfilter) and are NOT derestricted. This you have to do yourself. The initial oulet pipe they use is flexible plastic and can be difficult to securely fasten your 1st hose onto. This can be ripped out and you could glue a short metal pipe instead in its place. Hoses supplied are good, but the jubilee clips they supply IMO are OTT

        The metal bend and oil breather metal pipes are good and if you like bling - will be just right up your street. Like some other kits, no wiring extensions are given, so you need to find some suitable lengths (x4?) of wire yourself.


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          Think I might get the Regal one instead, can always get a different intake pipe...